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    History of the state universities of Russia

    History of the state universities of Russia

    The first federal university in Russia became the Siberian federal university (СФУ), organized in 2006 as a result of reorganization — accessions to Krasnoyarsk state university of three large high schools of Krasnoyarsk — Krasnoyarsk state technical university, Krasnoyarsk state architecturally-building academy and the State university of nonferrous metals and gold.
    Also in 2006 on the basis of three high schools of Rostov-on-Don and the Taganrog state radio engineering university the Southern federal university has been created.
    All other federal universities have been formed in Russia during Dmitry Medvedev's presidency. On May, 7th, 2008 the President of the Russian Federation has signed the decree « About federal universities », according to which Government of the Russian Federation it was entrusted in bi-monthly to develop and bring timeframe in the State Duma the project of the federal law defining the order of creation and activity federal.
    On February, 24th, 2009 has come into force the Federal law of the Russian Federation « About modification in separate acts of the Russian Federation concerning activity of federal universities ».
    On October, 21st, 2009 the Russian president has signed the decree « About creation of federal universities in Northwest, Приволжском, Uralsk and Far East federal districts ».
    Within 2010-2011 in the given federal districts it has been created four federal universities: Northern (Arctic) federal university in Northwest federal district, Kazan (Приволжский) federal university in Приволжском federal district, the Ural federal university in Uralsk federal district, Far East federal university and Northeast federal university in Far East federal district.
    On October, 13th, 2010 the Russian president had been signed the decree about creation of the Baltic federal university of name Иммануила of the Edging. On December, 30th, 2010, according to the order of the Government of Russia the given high school has been created in Northwest Federal district on the basis of the Russian state university of name Иммануила of the Edging.
    On July, 18th, 2011 the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation « About creation of the North-Caucasian federal university in the North-Caucasian federal district » has been signed. The North-Caucasian federal university is created on the basis of three high schools of Stavropol in 2012.
    Also, in January, 2011, about creation in the Tyumen area of federal university the governor of the Tyumen area Vladimir Yakushev spoke at a meeting to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. The governor has acquainted Dmitry Medvedev with idea which was put forward by advice of rectors of the Tyumen high schools: to generate federal university on the basis of merge of two largest higher educational institutions of area — the Tyumen state university and the Tyumen oil-and-gas university.
    In 2014 the idea of creation of the Crimean federal university is actively discussed by it. V.I.Vernadsky. Supposed, that the university will begin work on 2015. Subsequently timeframes have been shifted for 2014. It will be formed as a result of merge of several high schools: Taurian national university of a name of Century of I.Vernadsky, the Crimean humanitarian university, the Crimean economic university, National academy of nature protection and resort construction, the Crimean college of information-polygraphic technologies, Crimean агротехнологического university. Against inclusion in structure of federal university teachers of the Crimean state medical university of a name of S.I.Georgievskogo have acted.

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