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    Is a teacher a profession, or art?

    The teacher — a trade and a position in system of the initial and average general education, arisen owing to allocation of the last in the special social function consisting in training of pupils.

    Is a teacher a profession, or art?

    The teacher – one of the most honourable and at the same time very responsible trades on the Earth. On the teacher the big circle of the responsibility for perfection of young generation, formation of the future of the country lays. A trade of the teacher very important and valuable to each of us. In fact the teacher has learned us to write the first word, to read books.
    Separate teachers (behind some exceptions in an elementary school and scattered instances) teach various subject matters. Such as: Russian (as state in all territory of the Russian Federation) and the literature, the native language, mathematics (at average and senior schools including algebra and geometry), foreign language (them maybe a little), computer science, information technologies, history, social science (граждановедение), economy, world around, geography, biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, material technologies, plotting, the fine arts, music, world art culture, bases of a security of ability to live, physical training, study of local lore (in Moscow for example: москвоведение) and other various subject matters (rhetoric, history of religions, philosophy, a choreography and т. Item). Also into duties of the teacher enters поддерживание disciplines and organization of pupils.
    To the teacher insufficiently well to know the subject matter, it should understand perfectly pedagogics and children's psychology. In different areas it is a lot of experts, but not everyone can become good teachers.
    Speech which should differ expressiveness, эмоциональностью, persuasiveness is very important in a trade of the teacher. The teacher should be able to express the ideas competently, clearly, simply, clearly for children.
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