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    German Finance Minister: Greece may have to use a "parallel currency"

    German Finance Minister: Greece may have to use a "parallel currency"

    Greece may have to enter a "parallel currency", if negotiations with European creditors and will not bring results. This was stated today by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.
    In Bloomberg reported that Schaeuble made the proposal in a closed session. Experts note that the introduction of "parallel currencies" can be the first step towards a Greek exit from the Eurozone.
    It is worth emphasizing, schäuble is one of those important people who are now actively involved in the rescue of the Euro and all Euro zone crisis. However, he openly expresses his skepticism about the possibility of keeping Greece in the Euro zone.
    The idea that Greece will issue a promissory note as payment of state pensions or salaries is increasingly being discussed by economists in recent weeks, as the growing likelihood that in the near future the country will have a shortage of cash.
    The Greek government may issue a "parallel currency", but it requires that its rate was about the cost of Euro. But if people are not confidence to the currency in the country can grow the volume of the black market. Experts at Capital Economics warn that it can also create a "dual pricing system" in which a parallel currency is worth less than euros that can destabilize the entire economy.
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